Mediation Documentaries

 Powerfully summarize all aspects of your case.

A Median Documentary is a concise summation of a human tragedy. The video content is produced for maximum emotional impact using various editing techniques, music and sound effects as well as various lighting, actors and voiceovers. It can be a powerful tool to present the facts of a case. A Mediation Documentary, or Settlement Brochure, does an excellent job demonstrating a client’s catastrophic injury, including disfigurement, paralysis, brain damage and even death.

These videos don’t shy away from complex liability issues and deal with opposing counsel’s arguments head-on. Include taped interviews with key witnesses, police officers or even their liability experts. Key documents, video of the scene, news reports, or excerpts from the video tapped deposition of the defendant’s witnesses can also be woven into a Mediation Documentary.

Total length: 10 to 30 minutes. Please contact us for pricing information.