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Kristeen Ezell
President, Visual Harmony Productions, LLC

Kristeen’s video production career began in 1995 upon graduating with a degree in Visual Communications. A month after graduating, she was hired as a television producer for Time Warner in Litchfield, Connecticut launching a new television show ACT TV. In 1997, she happily accepted a transfer to Time Warner in Bradenton, Florida. For the next 6 years Kris enjoyed creating unique television commercials for a wide variety of businesses in Manatee County.

In 2003, Kris bid a tearful goodbye to her Time Warner/Bright House Networks family when she accepted an exciting job opportunity where she would travel nationally. She joined the team at Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training (MCTFT) program in St. Petersburg Florida, funded through the United States Department of Defense as a producer, videographer and editor. Through one-hour broadcasts that aired nationally, Kris brought a new look to educational videos that focused on drug/addiction issues such as meth, cocaine, gangs and heroin. Kris had a strong working relationship with the FDLE and DEA. Utilizing a combination of conservative and modern-style editing techniques, Kris was able to change the perception of the “training video” and eliminated the stigma attached in a way that connected with intended audiences. Law enforcement, hospitals, schools, parents, attorney’s, first responders and various government agencies benefited from a wide variety of training topics.

Kristeen founded Visual Harmony Productions in 2007 and continues to make a difference by using her experiences, talent, and passion to create unique and personalized video compilations for her clients. She is a proud volunteer board member Secretary for the Humane Society of Manatee County and sits on a wide variety of committees. She also volunteers for Pace Center for Girls, the Women’s Resource Center and other non-profit organizations in Manatee County.

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